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At this time of year, I like to remind myself of a few things; things that I find most grounding. I would like to share this perspective with you, as I think it helps us all to keep what can feel like a crazy few months in perspective.

No matter what your religious belief, the Holiday Season is a time to appreciate the gifts you have been given. I’m not talking about the latest gadget, or that wool sweater you have had your eye on since October. I am talking about the true gifts – the people in your life, the love in your heart and the talent within your grasp. I count myself lucky for my family, and for the wonderful chance I receive each day to help women achieve their optimal health. Whether through thermography, which can help identify areas of present and future concern, or in my practice as a chiropractor, I am helping women to see that there is a way to treat the body each and everyday that helps to protect and prevent the body from disease. I try to teach you some of these principles right here on this blog.

Because the Holiday Season is a time for appreciation, it is certainly an ideal time to share in good food and drink with friends and family. I like to attend holiday parties and use these as an opportunity to reconnect with the special people in my life. Too many of us see holiday parties as a gluttonous opportunity to overindulge. I think here we need to shift our perspective; if the idea is to connect with people, why are we concerned with the food and drink! And if we want to nurture and love each other at this time of year, shouldn’t we act in service of our body and what is the best fuel? I like to bring healthy holiday treats to share with holiday guests and you can too. When you reach for wholesome food, it not only tastes good but doesn’t pack on the pounds. Here are a few of my favourite dishes to serve at holiday parties.

Ideas for Healthy Holiday Entertaining

Lemon and Herb Spiced Cashew Nut Cheese in Endive Leaves

Chicken Satay with Almond Butter Sauce

Prosciutto and Cantaloupe on a Stick

A Classic Vegetable Tray (with Hummus)

Turkey Meatballs with Miso Dip

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

These are buffet items you can feel good about! While portion control is still important, overindulging wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world when the food is this healthy.

 Enjoy – and keep things in perspective.
photo credit: Redcorn Studios [Matt] via photopin cc

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