Kind words and gratitude from our patients

I can honestly say she’s a big part of the positive change in my life

I came to see her initially for a sports injury, but there was a lot more going on, and with Maureen I quickly realized it’s not just about physical transformation, but it’s also about your mind. She’s the most calm, open, tender, positive energy person I’ve ever met. I knew I’d be coming to Maureen for a long time.


My life has drastically improved on every level!

My adrenals were on overdrive after having a baby, and I started working with Maureen to help bring balance. Between the adjustments and supplements, and learning more about how inter-related everything is has tremendously helped me. I’d seen specialist after specialist and Maureen was the only one who could get to the bottom of it. My life has drastically improved on every level since meeting her.


Maureen has an amazing healing touch!

I came to see Maureen for help with balancing my hormones and a shoulder injury. She’s amazing. Her healing touch is exactly that, it’s just a really gentle. I definitely feel much more vibrant now than I did two years ago and it’s made me much more conscious about making good health choices and really nourishing my body. She’s amazing.


Dr. Moe and her staff have changed my life

Before Dr. Maureen, I was debilitated with constant migraines C3-4 per week, and now I am not. To say that Dr. Maureen cares, is an understatement and it doesn’t tell the whole story. She puts so much of herself into the well-being of her patients. Big thanks!!

– A

My ability to handle stress is 100% better

As a result, all other aspects of my life, ie. Relationships, adaptation to change, energy levels have changed for the better. Since beginning care, I appreciate every moment instead of worrying about what might happen. Also, the power of breath.

– K

All I know is that I feel more balanced and at peace with my health and my family’s well-being. Thank you for opening our minds to the wonderful work that you do.

– F

Before care with Dr. Maureen, I had lost touch with the essence of who I really am.

The changes I have experienced under her care include, reconnecting with myself, and having a rekindled awareness of the interconnectedness of all. I have put away my fear of “feeling.”

– B

Holistic treatment that affects all areas of my life

I initially came to Essence of Life after a car accident. What I’ve gotten and continue to receive, is holistic treatment that affects all areas of my life. Not only have my back pains been addressed, but headaches and neck pains. And surprisingly, my diet has changed drastically and my skin conditions all have improved so much! The unconditional support I receive from Dr. Maureen and the EOL team has really been one of the reasons I have gotten through my recovery. They go above and beyond and their authenticity and compassion is incredible. EOL comes from a place of love! Thank-you!

– H

I have been with Dr. Maureen for 17+ years

As difficult as it is to remember why I came to see her-as I have been feeling great for so long, it was for sore neck, a short foot, some lower back issues, and daily stress. These are all now history-for a long time! I am much more aware of my body and learned to listen to what it is telling me. I am more alert, happy, better-natured, less-worried. There no longer is the worried look I had on my face before seeing her.


Essence of Life allows you to reach your potential: Half coach/Half cheerleader! All so awesome. Your life can change for the better if you allow it.

– D

I always feel wonderful after a visit with Dr. Maureen

but the best part is how much my son loves coming for his visits, and how well he sleeps afterwards.

– M

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