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Dr. Maureen Borghoff

“I just don’t feel like myself”

Your brain and nervous system are your body’s power houses. When you experience pain, energy depletion, hormone imbalances, or poor sleep quality, that’s your brain’s way of saying that something is not working at its optimal level.

We work with you and your unique history to bring you back to your essence, the truest you. The benefits of our work are far reaching, decreasing physical discomfort but also releasing old trauma, chronic symptoms, and most importantly, increasing your overall zest for life.

People often come to us as a last resort, and they stay for a lifetime.


Our approach is simple.

We believe that health is amongst our most valuable possessions. Many of our clients come to us because they feel imbalanced or in pain, but they stay to reach their personal optimum health through wellness care. We consider these to be Relief Care and Wellness Care. Whichever you require, we meet you where you are in person and online.

We are a health and wellness catalyst, always looking for and addressing the root cause of your physical or emotional pain. The work we do at Essence of Life Wellness Care goes beyond chiropractic into the realm of energy healing, nutrition and lifestyle support, and whole body care.

Wherever you are in your healing journey…

I’m tired of feeling like sh*t all the time!

I want more energy in my day-to-day life

I want to optimize for my best self

Our services meet you where you are. 

Whether you’re tired of feeling crappy, or you simply want to live your most optimized healthy self, our process is the same, but the insights and results are tailored to your needs.

Ways to work with us

In our Toronto Office

Discovery & Embodiment Sessions

A customized health discovery service that helps you understand how to read your body’s unique signals, so you can start to experience more joy and ease in your life. We will help you identity health blockages and warning signs, as well as make suggestions on how to start your unique healing journey.

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Joy Strategy

A Joy Strategy Session can help you move through change, shift into a healthier lifestyle, and of course, increase your sense of joy, creativity, and general wellbeing. All Joy Strategy Sessions take place over Skype and can be held in the comfort of your own home at mutually convenient times.

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Coming to Dr. Maureen’s has changed my life

I feel lighter, happier, and generally have a better quality of life. In just one year, I have seen a significant change. My loved ones have also noticed. Maureen has taught me to listen to my body. Everyone should do this!

– V

Dr. Maureen is a deep well of healing

Dr. Maureen is a deep well of healing for me to draw upon. Her healing touch is physical, emotional, and spiritual. Each of us is drawn here because it is our wish for better health for ourselves and others.

– MB

Subtle but powerful

Subtle but powerful, Dr. Maureen’s treatments open up mysterious passageways in my brain and leave me feeling warm and relaxed. Thanks, Maureen.

– V

Essence of Life is a place where you can just ‘be’ yourself

Essence of Life is a place where you can just ‘be’ yourself. I feel heard and supported. Maureen helps you to get to where you want to go in your health and life. She is not only my Chiropractor, but my ‘health source’. I would go to her first, before any of my other practitioners.

– V

I feel safe in this space

I have had the pleasure of being a Network patient of Maureen’s for 10+ years. I have always felt very safe in this office – body and soul. Network care has been a gentle approach to optimizing my health.

– M

I now breathe deeper and love stronger

What I love most about my care, is the deeper connection I have with myself: A greater awareness and sense of peace. I find that I now breathe deeper and love stronger. Dr. Maureen’s hand takes me to that place. These changes make me happier, more tolerant, and understanding. I would highly recommend Dr. Maureen’s care. Her approach is safe and very comforting. Thank you!

Less stress, more joy. Get insights and tips that meet you where you are

I'm tired of feeling like sh*t
I want more energy in my day-to-day life
I want to optimize for my best self