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“I feel older than my age”

We hear this all the time. If you feel like you’re aging faster than you should be, life seems overwhelming, or you simply just don’t have the energy to enjoy your day to day, our Discovery & Embodiment sessions can help.


Our Discovery & Embodiment sessions can help with a range of health and wellness needs, from easing physical pain or discomfort to increasing energy, improving your hormonal balance, and bringing more joy + creativity to your everyday life.

Discovery & Embodiment

How it works:


The Discovery Session

We begin with a face-to-face conversation that feels like two friends having tea. This is your opportunity to take the time you deserve to reflect to us any health issues you may be coming up against, or concerns on how to navigate the future so you age in a vibrant and healthy way.

We’ll dig deep to discover the root of your concerns. We want to understand your goals, aspirations, and even what would happen if you were given a magic wand because the more we know, the better and more effective our plan of action will be.

After our chat, we’ll perform an in-depth neurology and orthopaedic exam to better determine how we can best serve you. We love the brain and nervous system. Since they are the control centre for everything happening in your body, we believe we owe you the time to be thorough.

After 30 minutes, your Discovery Session is done, but this is where the real work begins for Dr. Maureen. She will go through her findings and start to set in motion a realistic and customized plan for you to reach your mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual goals.

Step 2


At this appointment, we’ll go through the Report of Findings and solidify a plan that you can start implementing immediately. We will go into detail about the steps and timing. This is also where a twinkle of joy will begin to form in you as you begin to see the possibilities in your life.

Your Embodiment Session and your action plan will often include Network Spinal Analysis (light-touch chiropractic adjustments), neurological exercises, food freedom discussion, and how to enhance your wellbeing with good quality supplements.

From this moment on, you will have actionable steps toward your achievable goals for a life with more joy, energy, and vitality. These are 20-mins ongoing sessions, based on your unique health and wellness needs.

Your Discovery Session + Embodiment Session cost is $200.
Ongoing calibration sessions are $65.

Dr. Maureen had answers for me when no one else did

Months of tests and worry were resolved with one visit. My treatments have improved my mental, emotional & physical health, and I am getting back to my happy & healthy self. Thank-you!

– T

Life changing for both me & my husband. Pain-free living. Who would have thought!

– A

My regular Adjustments keep me going and gives me the balance I need to keep life in balance.

– MD

Coming to Dr. Maureen’s has changed my life.

I feel lighter, happier, and generally have a better quality of life. In just one year, I have seen a significant change. My loved ones have also noticed. Maureen has taught me to listen to my body. Everyone should do this!

– V

Essence of Life is a place that helps lots of people every day

It’s an easy place to access and it isn’t hard to find. The environment is relaxing, and they don’t ask anything that will make things harder for the person.

– TW

There are no words to express what you do for me and my young son. It feels like family!

– K

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