Dr. Maureen Borghoff Women's Health Advocate with Toronto Thermography

Dr. Maureen Borghoff is the fearless leader of Toronto Thermography Centre, a certified Chiropractor with Essence of Life Wellness Care, as well as a Women’s Health advocate. So we asked Maureen, what makes you so passionate about thermography?!

My Introduction to Computer Regulated Thermography

I was first introduced to Computer Regulated Thermography through colleagues who were excited by the possibilities it provided. I was intrigued, at first from a consumer’s perspective. I wanted to use it to learn more about my own health. In particular, at that time in my life, I needed to discover how stress was affecting me. Running a successful chiropractic practice and engaging as an expert in the women’s health community, which has always been a passion and interest of mine, left me busy, busy, busy. Thermography felt like a way to check in about how my body was doing. It was also important to me, given my family history of breast cancer. I had a thermogram, and was amazed by the amount of information it provided. I felt empowered by this knowledge, and able to really take control of my own health and make strides toward preventative care of, in particular, my breasts.

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Breasts!

I feel that a lot of women are afraid of their breasts. I know that sounds funny, but I do really think we have this cultural fear of boobies! We talk a lot about breast cancer awareness and this continual dialogue that focuses on finding a cure leaves a lot of women feeling continually afraid that something is going to happen to them. By focusing on a cure, and what to do when (not if) it happens to you, we leave out the idea of prevention. Prevention – and yes, there are things you can do to increase your odds of staying healthy, I firmly believe our lifestyle contributes to cancer rates in the Western world – is empowering.

I think we need to not fear the breast, but love that part of ourselves. They are there to nurture our young ones, and they are part of our sexuality. We should embrace them, and make their care a priority.

I think women of all ages can benefit from thermography. We already know that mammography is not that helpful for women under the age of 50, or for women with dense breast tissue. Plus, there are undesirable side-effects to mammography. But thermography presents an opportunity for women of all ages – teens all the way up to seniors – to take a look at the functional health of their tissues, and be empowered by the preventative care plans they can build based on this information.

Why We Need Breast Cancer Prevention

We live with a sick care model in this society; less than 5% of research money raised through breast cancer awareness activities goes to prevention. Everyone is focused on finding a cure. But I think we need a new perspective. What is that saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?”

Thermography – The New Wave

Thermography has been popular in Europe for some time. In Germany, for example, many doctors have made it part of their regular practice. I want to bring that enthusiasm for a powerful preventative tool to Canada. I believe there is so much we can learn from our bodies, and this knowledge empowers us to lead healthy, vibrant lives.

Be in touch with Maureen by writing to info@torontothermographycentre.com !!

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