Students, Teachers & Parents: It’s back to school time!

Here are some healthful tips to help keep you & your children on “back” track!

  • Get your Spine & Nervous system checked, regularly.  Do you remember life without pain?  This is our goal for you. Help your kids take any preventative measure, by having their Nerve systems checked, as well.
  • Heavy back packs keeping you back? These can become a clinical problem, and often involve many injuries in school-age children, if not enough attention is made to decrease some of the weight being carried in the packs. Load backpacks carefully. The maximum weight of a loaded pack should not be more than 15 percent of a child’s body weight.  Select the proper size backpack for your child. It should cover no more than three-quarters of the length of your child’s back. This’ll ensure proper safety and comfort; After all, the packs are worn for long lengths of time throughout the school year. It’s best to make it well worth it, with a good quality bag and by following proper instructions.
  • Be sure that your kids & YOU are on a proper, restful sleep schedule. It’s important that we all catch the appropriate amount of Zzzs each night, to ensure proper functionality each & every day.
  • Stock up on healthy options for breakfast and lunch.  Skip the sugar-loaded snacks and replace these with Fruits & Veggies, instead. Keep them hydrated with plenty of Drinking water. Set a good example and pack their lunches with the nutrients they need to grow into healthy young adults!

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