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Life slows down a little bit in the summer and it is a welcome relief from our bustlingly busy lives. People go on vacation, work demands lessen and time with the kids can increase thanks to a break in the school year. The weather means we all enjoy a little more sunshine, shutting down our computers to sometimes just sit and wet our feet a little. So no wonder this time of year, with August almost half-way through, can feel a little like all of this good stuff is starting to fade away. But it doesn’t have to! How can you carry the relaxation of summer all throughout the year? Here are three quick tips.

1. Take a Break

Taking frequent breaks from your work throughout the day will energize you for your tasks, and renew your focus and commitment to completing them. This sort-of mentality has evolved into a time management technique liked the Pomodoro Technique. This has you working in 25-minute increments, timing yourself as you go, and taking a 5-minute break afterwards. Every four “Pomodoros” like this, you take a longer 15-30 minute break. You don’t have to subscribe to the full technique. Simply take breaks throughout your day where you give yourself permission to not “think” – but to stretch, move and let your mind wander. Try a few sun salutations!

2. Get out in Nature

Learn to appreciate what different seasons of the year offer; and to consciously come to enjoy them. Crisp fall air fills up your lungs, and the sight of the changing leaves can give you a mental boost. A walk in the snow can be a pleasure for all the senses. The benefit is also in the opportunity to be active. Make one of your work breaks an active one. When you can’t get outdoors – try to crack a window, if even for a few minutes. It can recharge you. Another tip: practice consciousness when you are outside, even getting from one place to the next. Stop and take stock of the sights and smells around you. More tips for getting outside.

3. Do Less, Dream More

The best part of summer is the opportunity to let go of some responsibility and empty your social calendar a little bit. What summer should teach us is that we don’t really need to book up our lives all of the time, and that sometimes just “doing nothing” is the most important thing. Let go of the things in life that don’t serve you well and are taking up time, without offering anything more. “Book” lazy Sunday mornings. The end of summer should be an opportunity to build the Fall of your dreams – what does that look like?

What other aspects of summer appeal to you, that you should carry with you all year long? Maybe you need more family vacations? Maybe the fresh diet of fruits and veggies has really improved your mood. Sometimes we are better hydrated in the summer thanks to the heat, and this is a small change we can bring into the other seasons. Whatever it takes to hold onto the spirit of summer, do it. Your body, and mind, will thank you.

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