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When you’re tired of feeling worn out, uncomfortable, or plain “not right”, Essence of Life Wellness Care steps in to help. At Essence of Life, we provide Acute Relief and Ongoing Wellness soft touch chiropractic treatments as well as a variety of energetic and counselling therapies to help you live your best life.

Founded by Dr. Maureen Joy Borghoff, the Essence of Life Wellness Care office is bright, serene, and the perfect place to heal your soul. Though we’re primarily a chiropractic office, we’ve also gathered a team of dedicated healers to help support your journey to health.

Our chiropractic care is unconventional and here’s why…

  • We work with the brain and nervous system to heal a variety of physical and emotional issues.
  • We use light touches. We don’t snap, crackle, or pop your body into place.
  • We work with people who want to live more active lives and become more of who they truly are.
  • We educate and empower our clients so that they can use the wisdom of their bodies to heal themselves.
  • We find the root cause of your symptoms and integrate the right treatment for you.

I want you to lead a joyous, fulfilled life.

I’m Dr. Maureen Joy Borghoff.

My friends and family refer to me as MoMo. I fundamentally believe that you and your family can live the life of your dreams.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed, stuck, in pain, or “not like yourself” anymore. You can increase your energy, age gracefully, and ditch your fear of missing out on the life you’ve always wanted.

Yeah, I have a “Dr.” in front of my name, but I too have struggled with anxiety and depression, fatigue, and not feeling my best. I’ve had health scares. I’ve seen my mother survive breast cancer, a great friend die at 36 from breast cancer, and I have seen more than 10,000 people come through my office with every different type of ailment – physically and emotionally (almost anything you could imagine).

To me, having that “Dr.” in my title means that I am obligated to teach others what I know and also learn the best techniques to make a real difference to you and your family.

I want you to have a joyous, fulfilled life. When you take your last breath I want you to say “What a ride my life has been!” We can do that together.

Natalie Semczyszyn, Office Manager


Meet our amazing office manager Natalie. She’ll be here to greet you with a smile, be an amazing resource and offer a great experience for you in our clinic.

Brooklyn Ellacott, Chiropractic Health Assistant


It’s my privilege to support you in your journey of chiropractic care. I love to see people leaving our office with a big smile! It’s my goal to help you leave feeling better than when you came in. 

I grew up seeing an NSA chiropractor so have in depth knowledge of how important it is to care for our nervous system. 

Let’s grow together and inspire each other on this wellness journey, unlocking the secrets of a balanced and vibrant nervous system!

Hear what our clients have to say:

Such a pleasure

Dr. Maureen, Your positive, supportive energy & attitude, plus your intuitive work on my body, makes it a pleasure for me to come get ‘the lights turned on’ for my subluxation. Thanks for always smiling.

– CM

My chronic conditions have disappeared

My chronic conditions have disappeared. Weekly sessions with Dr. Maureen are like an elixir, and I can really feel the difference when I miss a week. At this point, my treatments are a tune-up and preventative maintenance. Stress in life is now manageable. Thank you for caring and doing what you do!

– KS

I love it here!

I have been seeing Dr. Maureen for 6 years. I have always loved the calm, loving environment that she has given The few minutes every appointment truly makes a difference in my health and lifestyle. Since beginning care, my functioning is better, I have no more headaches, I don’t feel tension in my neck anymore, and I can manage stress better. These changes have made me feel healthier and happier. I strive for a better lifestyle. Anyone I recommend coming to see Dr. Maureen, I tell them that it is the best decision they will ever make for their health and wellness.

– CM


Dr. Moe, Thanks for nurturing us and treating us like family!

– K & J

chronic migraines stopped

I’ve been coming to Dr. Maureen for over a year. It only took a couple of months before my chronic migraines stopped and my ability to handle stress increased manifold. Also, Dr. Maureen has helped me solve a digestive issue; And treats my child too. Thank you Dr. Maureen!

– K

grateful that I have found her

After years of doctors and treatment that I found no relief from, Dr. Maureen has helped me. She’s the only professional who has been able to figure out what’s going on, health-wise with me. Her compassion and genuine care has been refreshing, after years of being brushed aside. I am grateful that I have found her.

– BO

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