Boost your sex drive in just 3 months
Sex drive often reduces as we get older, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still be fun. While the Emsella chair improves bladder incontinence, it also increases your sexual health too! The pelvic stimulation helps create a tighter vaginal canal, increases sexual pleasure and boosts overall sex drive in a matter of months.

? fully clothed

45% experiencing incontinence reported the loss of intimacy, too
Have more control over bladder leakage, while also having more fun in the bedroom again.
Weakened pelvic floor leads to leakage
Electromagnetic waves stimulate the pelvic area
Tighter vaginal canal increases sexual pleasure & boosts sex drive

1 session is the equivalent to

11,0000 kegels


How long is one session?
The time spent on the chair is 28 minutes, but budget a few minutes before and after your session so you aren’t rushed out the door!

How many sessions should I do?
We will make a tailored plan for you! Research has found 2 times per week for 3 weeks will achieve best results. For most people, 6 sessions is the average amount of sessions — but complex cases may need 8 sessions. Quarterly maintenance sessions may also be recommended for you to maintain your results long term.

Is there scientific research about the Emsella Kegel Throne?
Yes! We’ve collected some research papers for you here

Are there any risks or side effects?
There is no downtime for recovery with Emsella, and the treatment is virtually pain-free. Come in for your quick appointment, and then go about your day! Sometimes you may have mild cramping or discomfort but this subsides quickly. Psst…A bonus side effect is more pleasure during sex 🙂

How fast will I see results?
You may see improvement after the first few sessions. Optimal outcomes are achieved around 6 weeks post treatments.

Do I need to remove my clothes for my session?
No! You will stay fully clothed the entire time. We suggest wearing looser pants for maximum comfort

Who is not a candidate for treatment on the Kegel Throne?
If you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, copper IUD, and/or have had a hip replacement, you will not be able to receive treatment. If you are having pelvic floor issues and are not a candidate for the Kegel Throne, we are happy to recommend you to a pelvic floor physio for alternate care.

How soon after pregnancy can I use the Kegel Throne?
4 months postpartum. You must have finished bleeding and been cleared to exercise again.

Is this technology safe?
Yes! It is FDA and Health Canada approved, with dozens of research documentation behind it.

How effective is this technology?

  • 95% of treated patients said that it has improved their quality of life! Results were maintained during 3 and 6 month follow-ups.
  • 2/3 of surveyed patients reduced their use of pads in day-to-day life
  • 100% of surveyed patients reported better awareness of pelvic floor muscles

Can I use the Kegel Throne while on my period?
We recommend waiting until your period ends to start your sessions with the chair.

I have a pessary, can I still use the Kegel Throne?
Absolutely! Remove the pessary at home before you come in for your treatment.

What about men?
Men with erectile dysfunction, bladder leaks, previous surgery due to prostate or bladder cancer, or men who frequently wake up at night — these are all issues that can be linked to a weakness in the pelvic floor. The Emsella has shown significant results in men by improving the strength of the pelvic floor.

Is the chair eligible for Insurance Coverage?
Speak to your insurance company to see if the Emsella chair is eligible for coverage.

Can I claim this treatment on my tax return?
Yes! We can give you a receipt that you can claim as a medical expense on your income tax return.

What is the cost?
$300 per session. Our packaged bundle of sessions can save you 25%.

Is this service right for you?
If you have any of the following symptoms, the Emsella can help!

  • Pee involuntarily when sneezing, laughing or coughing
  • Have to wear a pad or don’t exercise because you pee when jumping or exercising
  • Maybe you might also pee just before you make it to the bathroom
  • Tend to pee frequently during the night or day
  • Lost your libido
  • Struggle with orgasming or even dryness
  • Postpartum pregnancy and know you need to strengthen your pelvic floor
  • Considering having a baby and want to make sure your floor is ready
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