4 Reasons Why Sweating Is Good for You on Toronto Thermography Centre

We may dread the feeling of wetness under our arms, when attending an important event or meeting someone for the first time, but sweating is a natural process that confers a lot of benefit. Because sweat cools the body, we often think this is the only reason why sweating is good for you. Let’s explore some of the other reasons you will want to get your sweat on.

Why is sweating good for me?

Sweating opens pores

Dirt and grime get caught inside the pores of our skin, leading to acne as well as a dull complexion. That glow you see after a sauna or warm bath, or really great exercise session, is in part due to the release of this dirt and grime. Be sure to wash your face and body after prolonged sweating to remove what has been brought to the surface of the skin.

Sweating releases salt, giving the kidneys a break

A University of Washington study found that exercise can reduce a woman’s risk for kidney stones. Regular exercisers sweat out salt, removing it from their system and giving their kidneys a break from processing it. This is one reason exercise is thought to lessen a woman’s risk for kidney stones.

Sweating rids the body of substances

Sweating is a great way to eliminate toxins from the body, including heavy metals acquired from our environment and the food that we eat. Studies show a high concentration of heavy metals in sweat, including when compared to urine, suggesting sweating is a mechanism used by the body to get rid of harmful substances. Sweating is also good for the lymphatic system, removing toxins from this system so that it continues to operate optimally (helping support your immune system). Avoid anti-perspirants if you can; many contribute to the toxic load in our body because of their chemical make-up and because they actually prevent sweating, which is what your body needs to clear out the junk.

Sweat is a natural antimicrobial

Scientists have discovered that dermcidin, the natural antibiotic produced by the body and found in sweat, fights the germs of tuberculosis and other dangerous bugs. Did you know your sweat was that powerful? Sweat coats us in this natural antibiotic helping you to stay healthier.

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