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Our Patients’ Testimonials

  • “What a relaxed and extremely friendly and welcoming atmosphere from the doctor and the staff.”

  • “Essence of Life, my regular adjustments keep me going and give me the balance I need to keep life in balance.”

  • “You are blessed with an incredible gift! May your healing hands keep helping those in need.”

  • “She is a true healer.”

  • “Amazing practice and staff! My expectations were far exceeded.”

  • “I would have to say that it has been an overall great experience the staff and Dr. Maureen have been fantastic.”

  • “EOL Rocks! More Energy=More Optimism=More Life”


I had initially approached Maureen’s clinic after struggling for some prolonged time with gut-related health issues. I was left very impressed after my first consultation. She was very knowledgeable about my specific health issues and their underlying causes, and was able to outline a clear and effective treatment plan for me going forward. What
stands out the most about Maureen is how much she truly cares about her patients, and how she is willing to go above and beyond to provide the best care possible for people struggling as I was. The clinic itself is a very warm and relaxing environment. Erica and Tammy are two other individuals that have helped me at the clinic, and have been extremely accommodating and friendly. I am very pleased with the treatment and attention I have received at this clinic as my health continues to improve significantly. Dr. Borghoff has been my chiropractor for about seven months now and I highly recommend her!
“My boyfriend and I were referred to Dr. Maureen by a family member, and we have nothing but great things to say about her! We have never had a doctor listen to us so intently the way Maureen has. She’s kind, compassionate, loyal and definitely knows her stuff! We trust her enough to refer anyone and everyone. She’s the best!” -L.H.
I can feel my body changing and essentially adjusting itself. I have seen so many practitioners for my problems and have never experienced anything like it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. -D.S.
I am so grateful that I found Dr. Borghoff and her caring staff. I love the holistic approach and the caring and positive feedback I get after each treatment. -B.Z.
“I am just beginning my journey to health with Maureen and her staff and I already feel like I am well on my way. I have spent two years seeking a path to wellness and within my first visit with Maureen I knew I had finally arrived at the right place! Maureen is extremely knowledgeable and her functional approach to medicine is exactly what patients need to reach their optimal health potential. I feel very confident in Maureen’s capabilities and I would refer friends and family that are seeking someone to assist them with their path to wellness!” -A.G.
“I love how I feel when I come to the office knowing that I will leave feeling so much better and working on myself and my health. Everyone is always welcoming and happy to see me.”
“I appreciate the warm, caring & positive approach that has been extended to me by Dr. Maureen and staff. I also appreciate the extra attention that I have received over and above my treatment.” -B.F.
“Keep up the excellent work and customer experience – it goes a long way! The service level aligns well to the treatment and care people receive and together you have a world class business model and wellness centre that keeps people coming back and referring more people to experience the Essence.” -S.T.
“I believe that Chiropractic is a part of my everyday life because it keeps me balanced and I can deal with everyday stresses that come my way.

I believe that we all need to go to a Chiropractor to maintain the health of our spine- as we would go to an eye doctor to maintain the health of our eyes.

“Life is never ending process and we’re always going to get these stresses so we will always need chiropractic.” – J.G.

“Great experience. Staff are exceptional. Dr. Maureen listened to my concerns and was very helpful in describing what she felt was the problem. More importantly gave me hope that the problem can be somewhat if not all fixed.” -M.H.
I have only been seeing you for a short time now and I can already clearly see why your patients would want to come and celebrate with you! You are by far the kindest most supportive and patient Doctor I have ever come across.  You have a way about you that makes your patients feel like you truly care about their well being and I am thankful for that. I feel better just knowing that I am working with you.
“Where do I start? Dr. Maureen has completely helped and guided me through complete physical, mental, emotional & spiritual transformation. I am a 100% a better person because of your care!” – T.
I look forward to each and every appointment with you and every time I leave your office I have a renewed sense that I am on the right path to feeling better :)<