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Pediatric Chiropractic Care For Bloor West Village Toronto

Put your child on the path toward health with regular chiropractic care

Our children are our absolute treasures. We only want what is best for them so that they may grow to be their healthiest!

Healthy Brains, Healthy Kids

The brain and nervous system control this development to ensure that your baby is developing properly. Small distortions in this communication system can have negative consequences both in the present and in the future. Dr. Borghoff has been specially trained in extensive examination of the nervous system and brain to ensure that your child’s development is on track.

Prevention Is Key

We can see ADHD, ADD, Autism, dyslexia, emotional challenges and immune challenges long before symptoms appear It is important that a child is looked at soon after birth — at 6mos, 12mos, 18mos and 24mos. These are the times when we are able to confirm that everything is on track. It is at that time that it may be determined that some care may be needed at different points. Remedying things early can make it much easier than waiting further down the line.

Gentle Care For The Whole Family

Because of our gentle approach and caring kid friendly atmosphere, many practice members bring their children to us for regular visits as part of an extensive, regular wellness approach.

Think your child could benefit from chiropractic care? We know they could! Call or email us to set up an appointment.