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I don’t know about scientific evidence, but I think women naturally gravitate towards other women and rely on female friendships as an outlet in everyday life more than men do. Do you agree?

We have shared helpful tips on this blog about how to take better care of your breasts: including eating healthy and the importance of sleep And this New Year as you resolve to take better care of yourself, why not set a breast health challenge with your best breast friends?!! Here is why doing any challenge with a friend is easier than going it alone:

You Gain Someone to Gripe To

When you’d rather have a slice of pizza than the kale salad you packed for lunch, you girlfriend is there to say – yes, I feel the same way too. As you make changes, whether in nutrition, fitness or stress management, having someone who is “in the same boat” just makes you feel as though you aren’t alone.

There are many benefits to this including the lift you get when you talk things out, and receive validation that the way you are feeling is perfectly reasonable;

You Gain Someone to Laugh With

Your husband may love you and support you in every way possible, but he may not understand the humour behind the kegel, or why you need to find laughter to get you through a pap. Women get women! And being able to laugh about what you both understand to be true, can make tough experiences easier.

You Gain Someone to Push You Up

You gain someone to push you up when you fall down, or feel like giving up. It may be tough to go that extra mile on your evening walk or run, but having someone who counts on you to do it makes you more likely to follow through. Workout buddies are amazing motivators! You show up, because they are waiting for you. And you don’t quit early, because they need you to stick with it.

If you want to start a breast health challenge with your best breast friend this month, consider implementing these changes together. And stay tuned for our Breast Health guide which features our 7-Step Breast Wellness Action Plan and will soon be available for download. It’s time to make a change!

Breast Health Plan

Commit to changing your diet; eliminate or limit processed food. Eat from the earth;

Commit to moving more, be active; Add 3-4 20-30 minute workouts each week;

Commit to getting 7 hrs of sleep each night.

Commit to actively managing your stress. Take up yoga, meditate, journal – even take that breast friend out for coffee and talk through what’s bugging you.


We think the best friends are breast friends!

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