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BioEnergetic Testing

The acupuncture meridian system is a distinct network of energy pathways that flow through the body. Each acupuncture point corresponds to a particular organ or system in the body. When a person is in good health, BioEnergy, or qi, flows through the meridians at a steady rate, nourishing the organs and systems to which they are linked.

A weakened or imbalanced organ or system oscillates at the different and less harmonious frequency than a healthy one. By accessing the energetic system of the body via the meridian pathways, your skilled BioEnergetic practitioner can successfully assess imbalances and weak- nesses in your body, identify the underlying causes of the imbalance, and determine the balancing factors required to re-establish good health.

The ultimate goal of any healing protocol is to “Reactivate the Healing Process”, allowing the body to function the way it was designed to.

Your individualized BioEnergetic Assessment can determine:

  • The energetic health of your organs and systems
  • Areas of weakness and imbalance caused by poor nutrition, toxic build up, and other stressors
  • The presence of bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi
  • The nutritional supplements and remedies that will help bring your body back into balance
  • Emotional elements affecting your physical health

Your customized healing protocol will provide your cells with optimal nourishment, cleansing, and support allowing it to return to a state of superior health and well-being.

Note: BioEnergetic medicine does not diagnose disease, and is not a substitute for conventional medicine