What your first Adjustment might feel like

You just had your first Adjustment; let me just say that I am honoured you’ve chosen to join this healing journey with me.

The exciting thing? Your adjustment continues working, even after you’ve gotten off the table and left our office!

Some things you may feel after your first Adjustment:

  • Sleepy, the night of your Adjustment – you may get the best sleep in a long time!
  • Mild soreness. We’re shifting things around together to get things where they should be!
  • You may notice nothing evident (but it’s still working in the background)
  • Amazing-more peaceful, more relaxation!

I suggest to really listen to your body during this time, and give it proper time to heal. It will all make sense soon!

Keep in communication with me. Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions about your first Adjustment.

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