slide1Touch has powerful healing properties. Studies show that touch reduces activity in the hypothalmic region of the brain, responsible for our “fight or flight” response. In this way, touch may be an important part of reducing stress. Touch can be from a loved one, which strengthens our physical and emotional connections and can lead to strong relationships. Touch can also be from ourselves, as when we massage regions of our body for comfort. Regular self breast massage can be very beneficial. It provides physiological, emotional and psychological rewards. Did you know that breast massage can,

– reduce fibroids and cysts
– aids in easing lymphatic congestion
– promotes soft and supple skin
– balance hormones
– increases oxygen and nutrients to the breast
– promotes familiarity, comfort and acceptance with one’s own body
– encourages relaxation
– reduces premenstrual, prenatal and nursing discomfort.
– makes you feel good.

Here is a plan for a simple routine you can implement today:

Carve out a regular time, 2-3 times a week when you are already in a relaxed state, away from noise and distractions.

– With a light touch and medium pressure, place the fingertips of your left hand on your right breast.
– Using a circular motion of the fingers, massage from the nipple cyclically outward so that eventually you will massage near your armpit and under your breast.
– Switch. Place your right hand on your left breast.
– Moving back to your right breast, place your right hand on top of the breast and your left hand below the nipple. Push each of your hands forward in a stroking movement to move the tissue of the top opposite to the tissue of the bottom of the breast. Do this for 15 seconds on each breast.
– Finish by cupping your breasts with your hands and pulling each up, and allowing the breast to gently flop back down. Repeat a few times.

For optimal health, consider Computer Regulation Thermography to monitor the functional wellness of your breasts over time. Take time each day to benefit from the powerful, healing properties of touch and you will see many rewards.

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