You’ve heard the old saying, “What you don’t know, can’t hurt you.” We don’t think that’s true. Rather, we want to revitalize that saying by asserting, “What you DO know, can empower you.” What if there was a non-invasive pain free way of assessing the functional health of your body’s organs – including your breasts and thyroid? What if there was a way of detecting possible disease patterns BEFORE they show up on x-ray, mammograms or ultrasounds? Would you believe that there is such a way and that it’s basic principle – heating and cooling of the skin’s surface offers a portal into the body’s health – is ANCIENT! We are of course talking about Computer Regulation Thermography. You can browse this website and find many potential benefits of this screening method. In this post we thought we would turn to other people and see what they have to say on the matter; in case you need another voice or two to convince you this is the key to monitoring your holistic health.
Here is what some people are saying,

Watch this video with Dr. Mercola, as he explains what thermography is and the many useful benefits. He offers it as a useful tool, in particular when done annually so reports can be compared year to year. Please note that the second part of this video, which describes thermography, refers to Digital Infrared Thermography. This is different from Computer Regulation Thermography. Studies are now showing that Computer Regulation Thermography, which uses a computer probe to come into contact with the skin and which compares the data with a database of results thereby eliminating the need to read the scan, is more accurate.

This article in Alive Magazine describes Computer Regulation Thermography, as well as offers some of its benefits. It was written by Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Garrett Swetlikoff.

This is a balanced article about thermography’s growing use in Canada, those that support it and those that have some concerns. It offers a good discussion of what thermography is and how it has effectively helped people.

When looking to care for your body, in the best way, information is everything. If you have questions about Computer Regulation Thermography, speak to your health care practitioner or give us a call! You do not need a doctor’s referral and we can support you each step of the process.

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