The Power of Mantras on Toronto Thermography Centre (1)We women have the tendency to be far too hard on ourselves. Instead of showering ourselves with love, we allow negative thoughts to consume us. Whether we’re focusing on our appearance and counting each individual flaw or feeling like we somehow aren’t doing enough, we need to stop this habit of negative self-talk.  I want us to make it our personal mission to wake up in the morning with talk of self-love. Starting with repeating these mantras to ourselves:

“I am confident, being me is enough.”

“Each step is taking me to where I want to be.”

“I am smart, I am beautiful, I am loved.”

Close your eyes, breathe deep and speak these words. And don’t forget the most important part: believe them. Try practicing these mantras first thing in the morning, to start your day on a positive note. And repeat them as often as necessary during the day.

Some of you may be skeptical about the effectiveness of these mantras. But I encourage you to try one today! When you speak something aloud, you can train yourself to believe in it. It starts to resonate with you, can draw up important emotions and begins to feel more and more real. Plus, you are training your brain to have positive thoughts. Think about smiling or laughing; even when you aren’t in the best mood you can turn things around by forcing those muscles into a smile, or letting go of a good chuckle. The same is true of positive affirmations, which can transform negative energy into much more positive energy. It can bring you closer to love.

Believe in yourself, love yourself and love others. You’ll be amazed at how much a little positivity can alter your outlook on life, and your happiness.  Start your day with self-love and find that not only will it boost your own mood, it will make you more compassionate and loving towards others. You’ll also find that you have more confidence in yourself. I previously wrote a blog post about lifestyle changes that can further help you nurture your relationship with yourself, which you can read here.

Sometimes, all you need is love–self-love.

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