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I have a confession: as a licensed chiropractor, thermography wasn’t always at the centre of my passion. I came to it just as you may be coming to it now: thermo what?! But, as soon as I learned what it is and what it can do, and how it can truly change people’s health outcomes, I became not only a believer in it’s amazing benefits, but someone who passionately wanted to make this procedure available to everyone.

The idea of measuring how well the body functions, by witnessing it’s ability to heat the skin, is not a new concept. In fact it is an ANCIENT concept. Around 400 BC, Hippocrates applied mud to patient’s skin and set out to measure which area of the body dried first. He wrote, “In whatever area of the body excess of heat or cold is felt, the disease is there to be discovered.”

Our method of thermography takes Hippocrates initial, primitive hunch to a precise technologically-advanced level. We practice Computer Regulation Thermography. Here it is in a nut shell. Because this whole thermography thing may be a new concept for some of you, I am setting out to answer this question for you: “Why should I make an appointment at Toronto Thermography Centre.” Give us a call today because,

1. You believe in integrative and preventive health care.
Computer Regulation Thermography is one aspect of a whole health care plan that focuses on providing you, the proactive patient, with the most information about your body’s current state of functioning. Your skin’s ability to heat or cool is indicative of the degree of wellness of your organs. Viewing this measure as a clue into your current state of health means embracing a whole body (integrative) view of wellness. Computer Regulation Thermography offers the first clue that a problem may be developing. In this way, it is a component of preventative health care by empowering you with the early chance to make necessary life changes.

2. You have concerns about your breast health.
Computer Regulation Thermography is great for measuring the functional health of many areas of the body. It is ideal for monitoring the health of your breasts. When used in conjunction with mammography and clinical exam, thermography has the ability to answer the question: how healthy are my breasts. It digs deep, deeper than mammography or clinical exam alone, in providing that answer to you.

3. You like to be in charge.
Computer Regulation Thermography is your opportunity to take control of your own health care plan. It is an investment in better understanding your functional wellness that will provide you with early clues that disease may be developing. This empowers you to make necessary lifestyle changes, often before symptoms start.

To book an appointment with our staff of caring health care professionals, please call 416-551-7848.

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