Is Your Body a Toxic Waste Dump?

At this very moment there are toxins circulating in your body – scary isn’t it? According to Mark Hyman, MD, each year we are exposed to 6 million pounds of mercury and 2.5 billion pounds of other toxins. And this exposure begins early, with toxin levels detected in newborns, transferred from the mother’s body via the umbilical cord. There are literally thousands of chemicals circulating in the air, and becoming deposited into the soil and fresh water from the use of pesticides to grow power plants, and modern industry. This is not to mention the chemicals used to create the products we clean with and those we put on our skin for hygiene or other reasons. Our modern world is saturated with toxins.

Mercury in Seafood

We’ve all heard of mercury in fish, and have been cautioned about eating too much seafood in order to maintain our exposure to mercury as moderate. Mercury is a natural occurring element, found in plants and animals. But our modern industrial practices means there is whole lot of mercury circulating in the air, where it comes to infect lakes and streams and to be ingested by fish.

Pesticides on Crops

We’ve written about pesticides before, and how they come to be ingested by humans in the consumption of conventionally grown produce, and in drinking water when the run-off pollutes. This is why we feel it is important to reduce your toxic load by selecting organically grown produce, and filtered drinking water. Because of cross-contamination, you will reduce but not eliminate your exposure.

Man-Made Products

Another source of toxins in our environment, are those found on man-made products, including cosmetics and sunscreens, plastics and even store receipts.

It is no wonder that, according to Mark Hyman, many of us suffer from chronic toxicity and it might be a key factor behind the onset of chronic illness and disease, even obesity. Is toxicity making you fat? Our bodies are equipped with some natural forms of detoxification, including vitamins and nutrients that protect cells from oxidant damage, absorption at the gut level and or course bowel movements that move substance out of our body. So there are a few ways to help facilitate your body’s natural detox function. Here are 5:

1. Keep the bowels moving.

Having a regular bowel movement helps ensure toxins are leaving the body. If you aren’t having daily movements, increase your intake of fresh vegetables for greater fibre.

2. Improve your digestive system.

Your gut is the key to your overall wellness! Make sure your digestive system is operating optimally. Strengthen your immune system with a daily probiotic and choose fermented foods – like sauerkraut and kimchi – as a part of your diet. Both populate the gut with friendly bacteria that work to eat up the bad stuff.

3. Eat anti-oxidant rich foods.

Help your cells by loading up on anti-oxidant rich foods like berries. Other vitamin-rich foods include tomatoes, spinach and broccoli. Enjoy a few cups of green tea a day to benefit from its natural anti-oxidant effect.

4. Get plenty of sleep and de-stress.

This is a basic key to wellness; by getting plenty of sleep and keeping stress at bay you are strengthening your body so it is better able to fight toxins.

5. Love your liver.

Your liver is detox headquarters; it is vital in protecting the body from toxins. Make sure your liver is working optimally by avoiding excess alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding fatty liver disease by consuming a healthy amount of saturated fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and avocados and not trans fats like margarine and canola oils.

According to an official of the FDA, there are some 1,000 commonly used chemicals that need to be re-assessed by the agency to really evaluate their effectiveness! Imagine, all that we don’t know about the effects of our exposure to toxins. Do what you can to keep your body healthy and strong, and less saturated with chemicals.

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