New Study Links Cardiovascular Health and Optimism - on the Toronto Thermography Centre BlogTurns out “look on the bright side,” or “every cloud has a silver lining” are more than just sayings for encouragement! These age-old idioms promoting positive thinking are actually right on point: your outlook on life is essential to your wellbeing.  A new study conducted by the University of Illinois has concluded that your optimistic or cynical perspectives can – and do – influence your cardiovascular health. Amazing!

According to the study, those with an optimistic attitude are twice as likely to be in good cardiovascular health than those who have a negative outlook on life. This study surveyed 5,100 people of all different backgrounds and socio-economic statuses for their responses to questions about their outlook on life, mental health and physical health. Their cardiovascular health was determined by the same measures that the American Heart Association uses to determine cardiovascular health. The study resulted in significant connections between an optimistic outlook and good cardiovascular health. Those who were the most optimistic of the test group had the most ideal cardiovascular results, including a healthy body mass index, good cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and they were also more physically active than the participants with more cynical outlooks.

We have mentioned before on the blog that nurturing our sense of self-love is so important to our health. We have also talked about the power of mantras in helping us love ourselves and others. This study further supports the idea that having a positive attitude, loving yourself and loving others will increase your quality of life and help prevent disease. By merely changing your outlook on life, you can achieve better cardiovascular health!

We now have strong scientific evidence that our psychological state of mind affects our physical health. Sometimes it can be mind over matter. So let’s stay positive. Let’s love each other and ourselves. Let’s aim to be optimistic, even when it feels like the world is against us. Let’s make these positive changes in our lives, and see how they will reflect not only in our own lives and the lives of our loved ones, but also in our health.

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